Golfkeen is an online platform that provides good and useful information and solutions that will help you become a better golf player.

We create web solutions and mobile applications to benefit both golfers and golf clubs. These can be solutions such as Pin Placement, which is finished and ready to use for golf clubs. Pin Placement is an online solution for golf clubs used to display the flag placement on the greens. This means that the players can see where it is enough space, and where it is best to land the approach shot on the green. All game plans should start from the flag position and back to the tee. Pin Placement makes it possible to make good game plans for how to best solve each individual golf hole. In addition, players without a game plan can get an overview of where the flag is placed on blind green as well as on the golf holes where it is difficult to see where there is sufficient space to aim the approach shot.

Practice and training is needed to make you better at any sport. The likelihood that you will become a better athlete increases with increased awareness of your practice and training. To train consciously, you need goals and knowledge; both specifically relating to the relevant sport and in general about physical/mental training, as well as relating to what is required to achieve the desired results. In this respect, Golfkeen will provide applications and web solutions for training, statistics, and tests to assist athletes.

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